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Special Editions

These limited edition prints feature some of Elisabeth's most prized paintings. They would be ideal as a gift for a special occasion, and would enhance any room placed in either a modern or traditional setting. All prints in this collection are part of a limited edition, each signed and numbered by the artist.

Discounts available...

"Red Delicious and Double de Guerre" and "Red Williams Pears and Gala Apples" have been painted as a matching pair. Buy both these prints for a discounted price of £360.

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Golden Anniversary Bouquet  £200.00
Iris "Jane Philips"  £300.00
Yellow Waterlily  £250.00
Christmas Fruits  £250.00
Christmas Nuts  £100.00
Red Delicious and Double de Guerre  £200.00
Red Williams Pears and Gala Apples  £200.00


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